Tuesday, November 25, 2008

the next major innovation in communications

for thousands of years people have been talking to each other. and for thousands of years people have been writing things down. to the grunts of cro magnon man and cave paintings to the moden era human communication is prety much the same. Modern telecommunications let us talk over long distances and email each other from just about anywhere on the globe, but this is still just talking and writing.

What we really need is a giant leap of innovation in communications, some kind of device that lets me mentally project things from my brain right into someone elses. You'd think they'd have one on Star Trek but no, they just had Spock. Go figure.

That kind of communication would be a true innovation, except that I can see myself accidentally hitting redial and one of my customers suddenly gets a mental image of a glass of scotch...or pussy. Probably pussy.

Monday, November 10, 2008

and thoughts on the other place to shave

I understand the idea of being neatly trimmed down there, but I really don't get the appeal of seeing someone with a fullyl clean shaven pubic region. Gusy or girls. Less so guys. I mean yeah, I suppose it makes your dick look bigger; it also makes you look like a ten year old.

and on girls it looks even odder. I mean, okay I'm male I've watched porn, how am I supposed to mentally reconcile the idea of a 100 lb girl with 38DD titties and a pre-pubescent looking pussy? You're supposed to be disturbed watching underage sex and watching a snatch that looks like it belongs on a twelve year old get stuffed by a twelve inch cock is just wrong.

And by the way, just to throw this one out there, how many of you know what a merkin is? You know, like the President in Dr. Strangelove? Okay so I'm fairly sure you know or can guess what a Merkin is. Now, Who's the current current Prime Minister of Japan? I ask because I have a feeling you proably don't know. Which is to say, it's more like you know all the slang terms for the female pubic region but very little about one of the worlds largest economies and the people who brough you Karaoke, Sumo Wrestling and Miso soup. Which do you think is more important to the world?

After Shave and Colonge

I don't really use colonge. sometimes I use aftershave. I guess I never really liked the smell of any of it. Not that it was bad, just that it wasn't overly appealing.

I mean you walk into a mall and all the chick shops have the smelly stuff. vanilla scented candles, hibiscus scented oil, rose water. There's no corresponding market for guys though. I'd like to see Calvin Klein come out with a meat scented colonge. I want an aftershave that smells like pot roast. or candles that give off the scent of roast pork. or potpurri that smells like braised lamb.

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Every four years

So I guess it's just me. I mean everyone seemed pretty hyped about this election. Barack Obama, yay, whatever. First black President, groundbreaking, blah, blah, woof, woof. I mean I guess from my point of view it's kind of like the Olympics, except the important people aren't in shape.

Every four years we all get excited to see what's going because these are the best people in the world and whatever the fuck. But really, nobody watches, nobody really gives a shit and after it's over everyone goes home and nothing changes.

I suppose the only realy difference is that there are some pretty good looking Olympians. I mean the beach volleyball. nice. On the other hand...Cindy McCain. nice. So maybe it's a toss up.

I just don't get impressed that easily I suppose. I mean look, McCain had about as much chance of winning the election as the Zimbabwe team did of winning gymnastics and just about as many people cared to watch the gymnastics in the US as voted so I look at both the olympics and the election as pretty much the same. I don't much care and in the end the guy I was rooting for didn't win anyway. And just because I wrote in Bill Clinton doesn't mean I wasted my vote. I just think that the same way Olympians sometimes come out of retirement, we should do that with the elections too.