Monday, November 10, 2008

and thoughts on the other place to shave

I understand the idea of being neatly trimmed down there, but I really don't get the appeal of seeing someone with a fullyl clean shaven pubic region. Gusy or girls. Less so guys. I mean yeah, I suppose it makes your dick look bigger; it also makes you look like a ten year old.

and on girls it looks even odder. I mean, okay I'm male I've watched porn, how am I supposed to mentally reconcile the idea of a 100 lb girl with 38DD titties and a pre-pubescent looking pussy? You're supposed to be disturbed watching underage sex and watching a snatch that looks like it belongs on a twelve year old get stuffed by a twelve inch cock is just wrong.

And by the way, just to throw this one out there, how many of you know what a merkin is? You know, like the President in Dr. Strangelove? Okay so I'm fairly sure you know or can guess what a Merkin is. Now, Who's the current current Prime Minister of Japan? I ask because I have a feeling you proably don't know. Which is to say, it's more like you know all the slang terms for the female pubic region but very little about one of the worlds largest economies and the people who brough you Karaoke, Sumo Wrestling and Miso soup. Which do you think is more important to the world?


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