Thursday, September 11, 2008

Arab Concerts

Do Arabs have music concerts? I mean we have stuff like Woodstock, the Vans Warped Tour, Ozfest and Lalapalooza right. In the Middle East is there like an Allahpalooza concert or something?

I just think that if Muslims had some ways to let off the excess stress they could probably avoid the suicide bombing and shit. I mean Cat Stevens converted to Islam right? If the guy who fucking wrote Peace Train can convert to Islam it should theoretically be possible for some of these guys to mellow out some.

And if the US government is is all about faith based organizations, aren't groups like Hamas and Hezbollah faith based organizations? So if we're going to give a whole bunch of money to churchs to rebuild shit in New Orleans shoulnd't we be all multicultural and shit and give money to Bin Laden to blow up shit in other cities? It keeps the balance right? I mean technically Al Qaeda is "faith based" right, they don't accept secular Jews and athiests do they?


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