Wednesday, August 13, 2008

2008 Olympics

ok yeah so the olympics are going on, yay. woo. yahoo. Phelps can swim, blah, blah, woof, woof.

But for anyone who watched the opening ceremony, didn't those 2008 drummers scare the shit out of you? I mean, first off it's 2000 fucking people in a drum line all dressed in red, all marching in unison. If someone in the New England in the 1770's saw that, they'd say "fuck it, the Brits with the squinty eyes win." And to top it off, I think all of them were smiling at the camera. I suppose it was meant to be freindly and all but it was creepy. Two thousand fucking drummers smiling at know 1800 of those guys are thinking "ha ha, all your clothes and computers and car parts are made in our factories and you're fucked!" and the other 208 of them are thinking "you like-a dat dinna plate with-a da flied lice? or with-a da chow mein?" It's a huge fucking army of drummers who could have just have swept through Vietnam and spread communism across all of southeast Asia except they're a few decades too late....and they're grinning at me.

and if you're not freaked to all hell about that, replace the drums with pitchforks and tell you wouldn't shit your pants?


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