Monday, May 05, 2008


So I was asked today to signup for Greenpeace. And it's not that I'm opposed to helping the environment. I mean the signup forms these guys use are made from recycled paper and printed with soy in (yeah, I know right? Soy ink). But what gets me is that this is the same group of people that has these giant boats that go out and try to protect the ocean life except that these boats burn hundreds and thousands of gallons of oil. I think if they're going to be saving the environment they shouldn't be killing the air to save the ocean. Maybe if they converted the engines of the boats to run on some alternative fuel source. Like baby seals. Baby seals have lots of blubber and oil. Or whaltes. At least if they tried to save whales it would make sense because it was their fuel supply.

Though I suppose the best case scenario is for them to be converted to run on fat people 'cause there's lots of fat people in the US. Maybe they can partner up nation-wide with all the liposuction clinics and be all Fight Club, except instead of making soap they just burn people fat to power their ships to save the whales. Because it's all about saving the whales.


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