Thursday, December 20, 2007

The Face of Jesus

So if the face of Jesus or the Virgin Mary keep appearing in all these places I have to wonder why they pick those places and not some others. I mean really how much divine effort does it take to appear in a tree or a grilled cheese sandwich? It can't be that difficult.
What would be a real miracle is to see the face of Jesus appear in a shit stain on a diaper. That would be a miracle. Or if the virgin Mary appeared as a birthmark on a porn star, that would be a miracle. Especially now, around Christmas, you have to wonder why the holy family decides to pop up in things like nacho's. They could be way more miraculous if they just tried. And really isn't that what you want in a divine entity? A little bit of effort.

And if you think about it from the human point of view. I mean you could be eating a sandwich and just happen to look down and notice that you've got a picture of Mary there, but to find something like that in a poopy diaper? Man, you've really got to be looking for it.


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