Tuesday, December 04, 2007

CSI Spin offs

All the different spin offs of CSI they have now. CSI New York, CSI Miami, NCIS, all of these shows avoid the south. Miami doesn't really count because it's not really the south, it's like an enclave of non-Rednecks in the middle of Hillbillyville. It's sort of like Austin, Texas. The one city in Texas that is smart enough to act like it isn't. That's Miami. So with Miami not really counting I have to admit, I was kind of surprised that there's hasn't benn another spin-off in the south. It's not like there isn't crime in the south. Cross burnings, methhead tweakers stealing shit, rednecks running themselves over with mud tires. You could write a whole season of stories in a couple of minutes. Then you have to stop and think about it. They'd never be able to solve a crime becuase everyone shares the same DNA. Plus half of them don't even have teeth let alone dental records. I'd be a pretty lame show. But highly amuisng to cast. "So Mr. Nguyen, can you play a Vietnamese shrimp boat captain who gets killed by a dozen skinheads?"

But I do love CSI Miami, David Caruso is a fucking genius. He's like the next Shatner or Hasselhoff. It's so much overdramatized, overacting, I'm a tough guy with a soft chewy center, that it's amazing. Plus he has all the greatest one liners. It's like one of the writers from the Golden Girls decides to switch gears and write parts for middle aged white guys instead of elderly white women. It is an act of pure genius which can only be surpassed by Baywatch era Hasselhoff and/or anything done by Steven Segal.


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