Monday, November 19, 2007

Star Trek Communicators vs. Cell phones

So as cell phones more and more get to be like Star Trek communicators I've become more and more impressed with Star Trek. Now I've already come to appreciate the fact that the communicators could flip open, but my cell phone does that too. I've come to appreciate the fact that they didn't have ring tones so that some retard walking down the street isn't jingling the latest Kelly Clarkson when he gets a call, but what impresses me most is that you never saw someone interrupt a meeting with a cell phone.

You never saw them all sitting on the bridge, Kirk giving instructions, and all of a sudden Sulu's belt starts chirping. They're never in the middle of a fight with the Klingon's and all of a sudden Chekov goes "Excuse me, keptin, I have to take this."

But even more than that, you never got a drunk dial on a Start Trek Communicator. That chick from Altair VI never calls up Kirk after drinking too much Romulan ale and starts screeching at him. I don't know how they managed these particular feats. I mean I guess in the 60's and 70's mobile communication would have been pretty damn impressive and it's still great today but seriously. I need to find out how they managed to pull this off because quite frankly I want that "no drunk dial" service way more than I want SMS text messages.


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