Monday, November 26, 2007

Why nothing surprises me

I've been asked many times why I'm a pessimist, and it's not that I'm a pssimist, it's that I'm a realist and nothing really surprises me anymore.

The best example I think I can give is Wal-Mart. The largest Wal-Mart in the State of Hawaii is on Keeaumoku St. It's built over an ancient Hawaiian burial site. During construction the human bones they found were basically stored in a van on the construction site. The last time I check, which was a while after the store opened but not recently, the van was still parked there. Just sitting there with the bones, next to the Sam's Club. Now that the store has been open a while it's pretty much forgotten and there's a bunch of Hawaiians, myself included, who shop there. So yeah, Wal-Mart comes in, fucks with local businesses like Long's Drugs, disrupts a native burial site and leaves human remains parked in a van, and Hawaiians shop there. Seriously, nothing surprises me anymore.


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