Thursday, November 22, 2007

Car Salesman Years

How can it be that each week I see a different ad on TV that exclaim that this week only is the sale of the year? That only this weekend can I get in on the car event of the decade? That simply cannot be possible. There's no way that I can have the best sale of the year every single week. That just isn't possible and nobody calls them on it. Nobody walks into the Dodge dealership and demands to see the manager and goes "Hey, look, I bought a truck in here last week and I was told that was the sale of the year but here I am this week and it's a different sale but lo and behold this week's sale is just as fucking good. I think someone here owe's me an explanation because quite frankly, I'm feeling very disappointed with all the broken promises."

The only way this works is if car salesmen are kinda like dogs, they operate on a different time scale. There's normal people years, then seven dog years to a normal people year and like 60 car salesmen years to a normal people year. That's the only way that makes sense. Then the sale of the decade for a car salesman really lasts like two months.


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