Monday, June 16, 2008

How the blind save time and money

I'm pretty nearsighted but I am not completely blind. However, as I think about it, theere would be some benefits. Just think about how much I would save each month on electricity if I don't have to turn on any lights? I'd never have to buy another light bulb again!

And if the bulb in the fridge ever went out, I'd never have to worry about it. No more climbing up on ladders and nearly fucking killing myself to change that bulb in the garage. No more having to get up to turn off the lamp before you I go to sleep. If the fucking power goes out in the middle of reading a book, I'm still fine. And I could probably save a couple of days in time over the course of my life by not giving a shit if the clock on my VCR keeps blinking 12:00.

The only things that would really kind of worry me are being in a public bathroom and not being sure if someone was staring at my junk and not being able to know how freakin' hot Jessica Alba is.


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