Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Fire is not motherfucking friendly

So I got word today that a friend of mine, a guy I used to work with, who was deployed in Afghanistan (I think) was injured recently. I don't have details and it may not even be the place to post it here but I feel like venting. So my understanding is that there was some accident and he was shot in the upper chest / lower shoulder area. I presume he was weaing body armor of some sort, or maybe he just got lucky because he's not dead. I don't even know when this happened.

I just feel like saying that regardless of where the fucking bullet comes from, it is not very goddamn friendly to shoot someone. There is no such thing as friendly fire, just like there is no such fucking thing as dry cleaning. I don't walk into some shot with a shit that I vomited on after a wedding with open bar and say "clean this until it's spotless and don't use any liquids." Likewise, I don't fucking walk into a combat zone and say "hey, dude, can you do me a favor ahd shoot me in the chest?"

The only time there exist such a thing as friendly fire is when your number gets called in the draft and you get a buddy to shoot you in the leg so you get shipped home. That is the only time when being shot can be considered "friendly" Well that and roman candle wars.


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