Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Brain Tumors and Politics

Why is it when somebody has some horrible, fatal medical problem everyone says they're "battling it bravely" or some shit like that? Like Ted Kennedy. I mean, if I had a fucking brain tumor, I wouldn't be battling it bravely. I'd be fucking drunk 80% of the day and hung over the rest. It's not like you have to fucking worry about your liver kicking out when you have a brain tumor.

And you know there's some depressed bastard out there with some debilitating form of cancer not battling a damn thing bravely. He's like weeping in a fetal position

Why don't they ever say that? "he went out like a giant pussy." Or "John spent the last three months of his life miserable, hunched over in pain and so badly disfigured by medical treatments that his insurance offered to buy him a blowjob to cheer him up." I would need to get that kind of insurance.

But no, it's always the positive, "he's battling it bravely." And I mean I get it. I've heard the Randy Pausch lectures and whatnot, but it just seems like a farce. I mean when the Terry Schiavo thing was going on there were various shows where people talk about her hanging on for life in a coma but, no offense, you can't battle a fucking thing when you're in a coma. So in the end, I suppose it's just a vast right wing conspiracy. Man what I would give to get Bill Clinton back into office.


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