Tuesday, November 25, 2008

the next major innovation in communications

for thousands of years people have been talking to each other. and for thousands of years people have been writing things down. to the grunts of cro magnon man and cave paintings to the moden era human communication is prety much the same. Modern telecommunications let us talk over long distances and email each other from just about anywhere on the globe, but this is still just talking and writing.

What we really need is a giant leap of innovation in communications, some kind of device that lets me mentally project things from my brain right into someone elses. You'd think they'd have one on Star Trek but no, they just had Spock. Go figure.

That kind of communication would be a true innovation, except that I can see myself accidentally hitting redial and one of my customers suddenly gets a mental image of a glass of scotch...or pussy. Probably pussy.


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