Saturday, November 26, 2005

Condi Rice

Doesn't "Condaleeza Rice" sounds like bad Puerto Rican food? I can imagine going to Pepe's bar and grill for margaritas and Condaleeza Rice and regretting both the next day. "Dude, what happened?!?" "Oh man, I had some bad condaleeza rice. It was horrible, I was puking for the whole morning and I still have the shits!"

Saturday, November 12, 2005

Alcoholics With Eating Disorders

So people with Bulimia tend to be skinny. That's the one where you eat but puke it all back up. Oddly I know lots of alcoholics and many of them are rather fat, but they do the same thing. I've seen people consume what appear to be whole cows and after enough alcohol it all comes back up. Yet these are some of the biggest people I know. Then you have someone bulimic who does the same thing and they look Ethiopian. There's something there that the bulimics know that the alcoholics don't. Or they're just cheating.

Thursday, November 10, 2005

Dresses and Tuxes - First post since the shit hit the fan

I was watching an awards presentation to Steve Martin tonight. It seems like kind of a scam that all men wear a tux and women have to wear a dress, but it can't be the same dress if they go to more than one of these things. For somebody like say Nicole Kidman who goes to the Oscars a lot it's probably not too big a hit in the bank account to buy a dress that costs as much as a small Carribean Island, but it's unfair. Any guy can buy a nice suit and/or a tux and go to every awards show in the same outfit. Maybe he'll change the tie, but outside of buying a tie, everything is the same. That's unfair.

-see the other blog for why and how the shit hit the fan.