Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Car Names

The names of cars strike as odd I suppose. I mean some of them make sense. Shelby GT - designed by a guy named Shelby. But consider two different cars, the Mustang and the Pinto. Both named after different types of horses. Mustang, kick ass. Pinto, not so much. Hell for most people it's named after the kind of bean in your breakfast burrito. But then you get some really aptly named cars too like the Gremlin which was an ulgy little troll looking piece of shit car, so I guess on balance it evens out. On the other hand you get something like the El Camino, which means "The Walk" in Spanish and correct me if I'm wrong but if you have a car you're probably not fucking walking right? So it should be like "no me gusta el camino" or some shit. I don't know. Spanish was high school man, I was drunk most of the time, I don't remember.

And I know there's bad car names out there too, like the Laputa from Mazda that means 'the whore' in Spanish and the Buick Lacrosse which means 'masturbating kid' in French....

um...as I think about it more, I have no valid reason for knowing only the really fucked up phrases in foreign languages. I was never arresed in a prostitution sting in Mardid, never fined for public indecency in Quebec...Yeah, I don't really have an excuse for knowing this.

Oh and Pinto is "penis" in Portuguese so yeah, that's not such a good name for multiple reasons, especially considering most guys would rather buy a Mustang instead of a Pinto as a replacement for a small cock.