Sunday, May 17, 2009

thought of the day 2009 05 21 - selling like hotcakes

I sppreciate a stack of buttermilk just as much as the next guy. Throw in some bacon and maple syrup and it is on. It is on like the chemical element with atomic weight 54, Xenon...and wow do I sound like a nerd... but I digress.

Okay so yeah, I like pancakes, but I have a hard time with the phrase "selling like hotcakes" if only because I have a hard time thinking that hotcakes really sell all that well. I mean even ihop sells things besies pancakes. if they really sold all that well you could probably make a business just from that. And what about syrup? Why not "selling like syrup? Nobody's going to eat a hotcake plain. I mean occasionally I'll just throw butter on there because butter is awesome and that can be churned by an Amish girl is just fun to think about, but if hotcakes were really selling all that well, you'd think syrup would have come into the mix there somewhere right?

Perhaps it's just that syrup needs better marketing.


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