Wednesday, May 13, 2009

thought of the day 2009 05 18 - Jesus Christ as Power Forward

What is it about professional sports that makes players thank God after a win? It doesn't seem to make much sense. I mean in the first place, if it was simply a matter of prayer, you don't need coaches, you need clergy. And then you couldn't chalk the loss up to the fact that your point guard is fucking useless, it was because you just didn't play... I mean, pray hard enough. And it's not like Jesus played basketball anyway. How in the hell can you hope to get a rebound wearing robes and sandals? It would look totally awesome when dunking though. I bet that Nike would have totally sponsored him. You know what woulda made more money than Michael Jordan? Air Jesus.

Oh and in case your wondering, the Holy Ghost would probably be a Hoya's fan.


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