Saturday, May 09, 2009

Thought of the day 2009 05 10 - Sliced Bread vs. TP

I was buying shoes today, my old ones finally wore out the soles. So there's this lady buying laces for her kid and it's the curly bungee laces so the kids don't have to tie them. And she says that these laces are "the best thing since sliced bread."

Now to be honest I'm pretty sure George Carlin has a rant about this but none the less....

What the fuck is so special about sliced bread? How difficult of a concept is it to slice fucking bread? Loaf of bread? Check. Knife? Check. SLICE THE FUCKING THING! In what possible way is this some great idea? It seems fairly logical to me.

So I have instead adopted the phrase "next best thing since toilet paper." That to me is way better than sliced bread. I mean twigs and leaves can probably get the job done but how big of a deal is it to be able to walk around without poo on your hands?

I mean worse case scenario with bread, you rip off a chunk and you still got bread, but how awkward of a job interview would it be if you had to shake hands with a potential employer and toilet paper didn't exist?


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