Sunday, April 05, 2009


I'm not sure if the anti-abortion people really thought through their ideology completely. I mean they're willing to kill doctors to prevent abortions. Since when is an unborn fetus worth more than a doctor? You can't really say it's "pro-life" to kill a doctor. Especially if that doctor saved a bunch of lives, like during residency or something. And lets say we take this to a full logical end, let's say the anti-abortionists save some fetuses...feti? what's the plural here? Whatever, let's say they save a few and these people grow up to become doctors, I mean at some point chances are one of the saved will end up going ot medical school right? So let's say one of them grows up to become a doctor and one of those doctors performs an abortion. Then that doctor has to be killed. Isn't that just a big waste of everybody's time?


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