Friday, January 09, 2009

Whales and Dolphins

Just as a thought, it's winter, had some friends interesting in maybe going whale watching, which sort of begs the question...

whales, dolphins, etc. they're all mammals right? I would imagine dolphin sex would have to be pretty acrobatic, and whale sex...I mean damn, just the logistics of something like that would be like navigating two cargo freighters but how in the hell does a whale breast feed? I mean the beak, the teeth, holy shit that must get pretty crazy right? If you were whale watching and saw some little whale come up to the big whale, you'd freak out no? Like, "look that little midget whale is biting the big whale...wait is that a...holy shit it's a teat!!!!!"

I mean if there was a little baby dolphin and the mother dolphin wasn't feeding it could you milk a dolphin to get milk for the baby? I'm sure there's someone in Japan who's tried. What if it was a little crack baby dolphin, do dolphins have little crack babies? Maybe the mommy dolphin smoked too much kelp or something...


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