Saturday, December 27, 2008

Power Outages Make Me Tired

So starting from last evening there was an island wide power outage here. Kinda amusing. I blame Obama. But I had to get up early to do some stuff for work once the power came back. So I was kinda tired this morning and as I was listening to the radio for things like weather and outage updates I started flipping through stations. I should preface this by saying that since there was no power I haven't had coffee, but as I was listening to the radio it took me a good three or four seconds to realize that I was listening to static and not some hip hop background track. That's right, I mistook FM static for music. That says that 1) music today sucks, 2) I really fucking need coffee, 3) I should be getting paid to do shit that early on a Sat. or D) all of the above.


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