Saturday, March 07, 2009

The Little Thoughts

What really disturbs me is all the little thoughts that pop in on a daily basis. Things like:

1. if you crossed a chicken with a monkey, would that be a chunky? what about a baby cat with a monkey, would that be a mitten?

2. what kind of info do they put on the toe tags that go on cadavers? I mean they're kinda like the tags on christmas presents but like To: God, From Jim. Or Hell if Jim's a telemarketer. What kind of info do they need to put on a tag?

3. Mojito is a really fun drink to say but it's not nearly as fun to spell and it's kinda just the bastard child of ginger ale and a mint julep.

4. if you got bit by a vampire, you wouldn't be alive, but then you wouldn't really be dead, so they couldn't prosecute for murder becasue technically the vampire wouldd have un-killed you. But at the same time it doesn't seem right does it?

5. Have you every actually tried to make duck soup? It's not that fucking easy. Pies, cakes, even that takes work and there's lots of clean up. People should thik about that before they go and say stupid things.

stuff like that


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