Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Movies from the other point of view

I don't really enjoy being sick, it's nice to not have to go into the office but you feel like crap and there's not much you can do because half your brain is blitzed out on nyquil and DXM. But it's good for watching movies. Thing is, when you're blitzed out on nyuil and smi-hallucinogenic cough drops, you have a different take on the movies you watch. For example, Empire Strikes Back, best Star Wars movie EVER. It's a total down ending for the rebels. Han Solo is frozen, Luke loses a hand and the Empire destroys their base on Hoth. But if you look at the title...The Empire Strikes Back. It's perfect. It's like the happiest movie ever. The thing is it's only depressing if you side with the rebels. And they're rebels. I mean you have this Empire devoted to stability and order through the galaxy and sudden a bucnh of assholes start flying around blowing up your Death Stars and chopping your Stormtroopers in half with lighsabers, it's just wrong. But if you're rooting for the Empire, then it's a great movie

When you watch movie, or even TV shows, look at things with the shoe on the other foot. For example the Terminator. It's a sad, sad movie. How many times have these machines tried to kill John Connor? Their sole purpose in existing is to kill John Connor and they just keep failing. It's like a long series of tragic movies, even a TV show now.

When you watch Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom. It wasn't a temple of doom because he dropped the weird cult leader guy to the crocs. Indy stopped the temple from being a temple of doom, it was a temple of little kids but not a temple of doom.

We spend all of Speed on the edge of our seats because Sandra Bullock might go to slow and blow up a bus but when the bus finally does blow up, all it does is take out a plane full of mail and cargo. What about all the poor people waiting for their packages and their never going to get them because the world just had to have a Keanu Reeves.

I'm just saying things in movies just don't make sense.


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