Monday, May 18, 2009

thought of the day 2009 05 19 - facebook

So apparently Facebook thinks I need a date. Quite frankly I find it disturbing that my social networking sites are that interested in my sex and/or personal life. If I want a system that lets me keep in touch with friends, I then go to those friends when I want advice in dating. I don't want Tom from MySpace or the Facebook team to decide that my singleness is worthy of their attention. I mean hell, I have to figure that the bunch of nerd that created the site and maintain the network get enough flak about their own fucking dating. What is this, 'share the pain' day?

Look, when I'm damn good and ready I'll get over Di leaving and start dating again. A dry spell means you have to be trying. If I'm not putting myself out there, that's my fucking decision and quite frankly websites should be keeping to their own damn business.


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