Monday, October 03, 2016

The Human Condition

I’ve been nursing this sore throat since yesterday. Probably just a mild sinus infection, but it’s something about the human condition that when you’re not feeling well, you kind of just want to be left alone. I mean I’m not even that bad, just not feeling 100% and therefore even less sociable than normal, which wasn’t very much to begin with. And similarly, when you’re not feeling well, soup seems like a good choice. Even if my place is something of a brick oven during the day, hot soup just seems nice. I doubt the medically curative properties of powered soup base and noodles and if I’m being honest, that much sodium probably isn’t good for me, but it just feels right. It’s the same human condition that compels me to devour the entire sleeve of Milano cookies in one sitting like it’s actually Alyssa Milano. Wait, what? No, that’s the Nyquil talking.


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