Monday, August 13, 2012

When I'm dead

The things that I have put on the Internet in the last five years are mostly things that I would be embarrseed by when I'm dead. Hell, they'll probably be embaressing in another five years.

And why doesn't Facebook have a status for "dead" Not 'deceased', that's too formal, but I hate to imagine that when I'm dead, the last thing I'll have done is put up a picture of a meal and put up some bullshit Yelp review.

So when I'm dead, not before mind you, do go fucking with the natural order of things, but when I'm dead, Internets, you have my permission to hack my Facebook account and change my status to "dead". I don't give a crap. Furthermore, feel free to speak ill of me. I won't care and I'd be dead so I couldn't do anything to you even if I did care.


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