Friday, July 13, 2012

The doctors I know have a lot less sex than the ones on Grey's Anatomy

I rarely see doctors. In fact I just had to call p to deal with a bill from the doctors who did my physical related to the cataract thing from a couple of years ago and as it turn out HSMA denied the claim because I didn't have a referring doctor, because, well, I didn't really have a doctor.... but that's a different story.

I was listening to an audiobook this evening and fell asleep. In the dream I just woke up from, there's a psych doc who's been in dreams of mine before, but usually it's just me getting frustrated because she can't come up with a diagnosis. In fact one time I remember; I'm not sure "remember is the right word when we're talking about a doctor that only exists in my imagination, but for lack of a better term, we'll say remember, that she once diagnosed me with PTSD. And once, with a phobia of eggs (that one I think is just the fact that it's a dream and not the fact that I think of psychology as medicine in the same way that I think of decaf as coffee.

Anyway, so this time she came up with a relatively decent and likely diagnosis. Which means the imaginary head doctor in my dream may have just had a breakthrough to fix my head...all of which makes me think I'm quite possibly crazier now.


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