Thursday, July 02, 2009

thought of the day 2009 07 06 - Utah

Utah just passed a law that makes it legal for bars to allow people who aren't members. Yep, if you're not familiar, Utah required people to fill out an application and become a fee-paying member of a 'club' if they wanted to drink at said 'club' which anywhere else you would call a bar. The idea, which is right upon on par with what I expect most the quality of most ideas from Utah to be, is to increase tourism. You know, slow economy, you want to make sure all the summer beaches and surf in Utah are kept well populated.

So congrats Utah, you suck slightly less now. I can actually go to a bar in your state. Not that it's enough to make me EVER want to visit and even if I did visit the only bar I would EVER go to is the airport bar for the layover I couldn't avoid without paying an extra $666 for my plane ticket. Let's be clear Utah, you suck, but still it's an improvement from the "state we wish we could disown" to "at least we're not Montana" so again, congrats


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