Tuesday, June 23, 2009

thought of the day 2009 07 02 - They do say the darndest things

I love the show Cops. Let me be more specific, I can't watch the whole thing. Half an hour is too much boredome and male overcompensation for me. But I love watching clips of the show Cops. Because I love the things that I say when I'm drunk. When I'm drunk I say shit that totally makes sense at the time but afterwards it's total fucking gibberish. That why I think physicists like to drink. Shit just makes more sense when you're drunk. It's like the entire universe opens to my mind.

Which leads me back to Cops because I love the things that crackheads say on the show. I think they should get rid of reality television. For the most part it's fucking lame. But the one thing they should create is a show where all you do is get a bunch of guys with steadycams to follow around a bunch of different crackheads and record what they say and do. It would be like 9000 times better than all that America's Funniest Home Videos crap. You just walk around and 24x7 record what Mikey the crackhead says.

"...and I would make it green with white trim and.....no but I like regular coffee with a little......my tongue tastes like magenta."

It would be fucking awesome


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