Tuesday, June 16, 2009

thought of the day 2009 06 23 - zombies

Are there gay zombies? I only ask because I have to say, from all the zombie movies I've seen, zombies are pretty much the most tolerant of the undead. You don't see any gay vampires. They're all pretty much hetero. And I suppose you can't tell underneath all the fur but I don't recall seeing very many Asian or Black werewolves. Ghosts...I mean that's just obvious, all the white sheets, ghosts are basically the KKK of the netherworld. But zombies, hell they'll take anybody. They're like the democratic party of the undead. We don't give a shit who you are. Illegal immigrants, Asians, whites, blacks, in between, hell I've seen Thriller. Zombies don't care, as long as you're undead and you like to eat brains. But then maybe the undead gay zombies like to eat brains...and cock.


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