Saturday, June 27, 2009

thought of the day 2009 07 03 - Job

It's not that I'm against the idea of some greater power, it's that I'm against the idea of organized religion. Organized relgion gave us stories like the story of Job. God is so assured in the faith of Job that he kills the man's children, destroys his posessions...well okay technically he doesn't do it but he allows Satan to do it. Which is kind of a technicality. Like I didn't rob the bank, I just happened to let that guy with the Snickers bar in his pocket rob the bank even though I knew it was a Snickers bar and I had a 9mm Sig. Whatever, technicality, fine. So all this shit that Job goes through and still he's pious. Satan doubles down and gets permission from God to inflict personal harm and makes him sick. Okay fine. So this is Old Testament, I smite thee God, not New Testament I hug thee God. There's a distinction, I get it, but still, not the kind of attitude I want in my supreme diety.

This is the kind of behavior I expect from an 8 year old retarded kid. Some evil little prick comes up to him and says "bet I can break your toy" God says "nuh uh, you can't and I'll prove it!" and then proceeds to stand on the sidelines while the evil little fuck smashes the shit out of his new ball or whatever. If your God, you're omnicient. "Prove it" does not factor into the decision making process. If you need to prove something to a subordinate who, by all biblical accounts, you created, there's something just a little fucked up about that rationale.


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