Saturday, December 31, 2016


Muhammad Ali
Carrie Fisher
…and Debbie Reynolds
Alan Rickman
Gene Wilder
Gary Shandling
Patty Duke
Leonard Cohen
George Michael
Palani Vaughan
Edward Albee
Harper Lee
Richard Adams
John Glenn
Janet Reno
Scalia (I can still respect someone who I disagree with on nearly everything except flag burning)
Gwen Ifill
Fidel Castro (okay I’ll give you that one)
Let’s call it, most of Africa
FUCK 2016.
If you’re a TV psychic do you predict your own death?
If your name is Neil Armstrong and you’re not THAT Neil Armstrong or if your name is Will Smith, but you’re not THAT Will Smith, but you do have some accomplishments that would otherwise be noteworthy, how much does it suck that other guy has your name?
Prince, John Glenn, what chance does Alan Thicke, Gordie Howe or Harambe have of making it onto my list, really?
If you were named James Bond and your birth pre-dated all those films, how many times did you want to punch those asshats in bars who were making martini jokes when all you wanted was a beer?
And you couldn’t do it the nice way with Debbie Reynolds and Carrie Fisher? It sucks when a parent outlives their child. I mean it sucks either way, but it sucks particularly hard when a parent loses a child. You couldn’t just flip that shit around? I mean it’s the same week for fuck’s sake. You had to be a douche about it? Give it a rest already. This is going to sound like an ultimatum, but you go after Betty White or Mel Brooks and our relationship is over. Capisce?


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