Thursday, October 09, 2014


In this modern world, you have dozens of means of communication available. You do NOT need me to pass along your "best" to someone else.  I don't really know her that well anyway and only have a passing, cordial relationship with her. You wouldn't get me involved in passing your syphilis to her, leave me the fuck out of passing along your best and make a damn call on your own. If you're too goddamn lazy to do it, don't expect me to you inconsiderate douche. Fucking text if you need to, I know that your generation has decided a telephone making an actual telephone call is a dumb idea, but then again, I half expect your entire generation to believe a potato can be used as a contraceptive. Look, the point is, I'm not your fucking messenger. You want to send someone your best you don't need me in the middle of that conversation, I'd just get in the way.


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