Wednesday, September 17, 2014

White Power

I think we should co-opt the “White Power” moniker and start putting together a plan to just burn neo-Nazi’s as a renewable, alternative fuel source to power trains. Not just because of the ideology, though that certainly doesn’t help, but because their definitions are confusing.

At various points and places in American history, the Irish, Italians, Germans, Russians, pretty much everyone, has been persecuted as ‘unwanted’, so how do you define "white"? Isn't there more specificity involved? Consider that as a general rule, most of the white supremacists don’t like the Jews. Have you seen most American Jews? I think I’m safe in saying that they’re generally pretty pasty of complexion. I disagree on principle with their very poorly defined slogans and marketing.

Though admittedly, I think we can all agree, fuck the French.


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