Monday, July 28, 2014

random reactions to SDCC 2014

SDCC 2014 just finished and though I didn’t go, reading and watching coverage has made me realize a few things.

1. In retrospect, what I dislike most about Star Trek isn’t the fact that the galaxy still appears to be run by a bunch of white guys, it’s that the communicators didn’t have call waiting but they did have some magic ability to know exactly who you wanted to talk to. What if there were two guys named McCoy on that ship? You call up because there was a medical emergency and some red shirt is dying and instead you get some jackass in the mess asking if you want fries with that. And there’s no way in shit you can tell me that in the middle of some stand-off with a Klingon that there wasn’t a pregnant Orion girl calling Kirk for child support. There’s no way they have call screening that good.

2. I have this recurring idea for a video to the tune of Lady Gaga’s Just Dance called Hulk Dance. Where instead of “Hulk Smash”…you know what, that one is pretty self-explanatory.

3. I also have this notion that I want to reboot the Knight Rider TV show (again) but instead of just a car you have different vehicles and instead of the teacher from Boy Meets World, you get, say, Chris Walken to voice over the car, Patrick Stewart or maybe Ian McKellan to voice a bicycle, yeah you read that right; Queen Latifah as like an Airwolf style helicopter and Ellen DeGeneres as that semi they transported the car in because she seems like the caring mother-ship type and I think the ad-libs would be amusing. But all of this would be played totally straight. It would last like three episodes before it got pulled but it would be AMAZING.

4. And this has nothing to do with SDCC specifically, but even though I realize you want to make shit all Web 2.0-y or whatever, you can just post shit without a whole string of hashtags. It’s like twitter is running a train on your ideas. #fuckhashtags #hashtagscansuckit


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