Friday, February 01, 2013


So I was thinking about my friend Ronnie “My fiancé (now wife) has this blocking software on her computer because she says the Internet has too much porn” (I’m going to only refer to you that way from now on) who recently got married. They’re also expecting a kid.

Now historically, families did a whole big celebration for a child's first birthday because child death rates were crazy high and many kids didn’t make it through their first year. Not so much the case today. In the US the infant mortality rate is like 7 per 1000 live births. By comparison something like 30% of first marriages don’t last 10 years. Which means if you’re married and just had a kid, it’s much more likely you’ll be divorced by the time your kid is a year old than it is that your kid won’t make a year.

The big celebration should be for the married couples that make it for a year. And like any proper party it should be sans children and open bar. Remember that in a year Ron. Remember that.


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