Saturday, January 05, 2013


I’m kinda paranoid about cancer, but that paranoia has really only proven to me that women think about things in more depth than men. At best we really only think about the next step ahead. Like with cancer, women are supposed to do a regular breast self exam. Now my first thought is that’s kind of hot. Seems like a good opportunity for me to earn some relationship points by doing a good thing and at the same time I’d get to feel up a girlfriend. Maybe even start something else and get past second base. That sounds like a pretty good plan right? You get to handle boobs and  not only does it promote health, it’s like your good deed for the day. That’s a great win-win situation...... but then, as my girlfriend pointed out, what happens if you find a lump? You’d be in the middle of trying to get some. Hard dick and everything, and all of a sudden you have to stop and be all “, I think you might have cancer.”


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