Monday, January 22, 2018

First Commandment

I keep getting these fucking Amazon ads for relationship advice for Christian couples. All this shit about how "big data" knows everything about me. Goddamit Amazon 1) I'm not in a relationship, 2) My tolerance for churches and organized religions is pretty slim already and most importantly 3) I don't believe a book can tell you how to run a relationship. Ruin maybe, but not run. Handbooks for relationships are a dumb idea unless the title is "fucking communicate already", but that's sort of beside the point here because I thought the basic idea behind Christian couples is that they already have a relationship handbook. I mean, it's kind of an 'everything' handbook isn't it? Some of those old school guys had like a dozen wives, there must have been some advice in there with all that begatting that had begotten. You need a different book now? Seems like that might violate the First Commandment or something.
Aw fuck, you know what, I should have said "Old Testament" instead of "old school" that's what I meant to say.


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