Monday, January 25, 2016


A few years ago, I had all four wisdom teeth removed at the same time. While amusing at the time, it was somewhat more surprising a couple of years ago when what I’m pretty sure was a small remnant bit of tooth came out of my gum. Apparently this happens sometimes. So a few weeks ago when I started to get small pain where another wisdom tooth was I figured it was the same thing again, small bit of remaining tooth working its way out of my gum like a really, really, slow, enamel-covered Alien bursting through someone’s chest. After a couple of weeks, a dentist visit and a surgical referral it turns out it’s not a bit of tooth, it’s part of a rough edge of bone poking through the gum where my wisdom tooth was. Effectively this means I’m a grown ass man who’s teething. Which, given my maturity level is pretty much that of a two-year old, seems somewhat appropriate. 


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