Monday, February 23, 2015


I had to spend a pretty good amount on my kid’s braces. Generally I disagree with spending that much on what is essentially vanity. I mean orthodontics are fine and all, but they don’t really solve any real medical problem and in fact they can cause some problems. So it’s really just vanity. I might as well just cover his face in shiny silver and gold coins, it would be more distracting than messed up teeth and would probably be cheaper. But here’s how I justify the expenditure: dental records. I haven’t really seen a dentist in quite some time and I doubt anyone could find any dental records for me at this point, so if I die in a horrible fire or a drone strike or whatever, it could be a while before they identify me. But my kid has dental records now. So if he dies horribly in a tragic napalm mishap the insurance company will be able to ID him. Well, they’ll be able to ID him after they pay me whatever the braces cost +10%


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