Tuesday, February 24, 2015


Do you think the editors of the Bible had auditions for stories? Like American Idol style tryout to see what would make it and what wouldn’t? I mean it’s already a pretty long book and at some point you’ve got to say, “look, there’s only so many pages.” So water into wine, that makes the cut, but maybe the face of the messiah appearing on a pita was voted out. But then you come to today and the cost of publishing has gone down quite a bit because of digital media, so you get the face of Jesus on a piece of toast, the Internet goes nuts. See religion and science can go together, it’s how we tell more stories of the pattern recognition of people’s brain putting in a little overtime without having to make a newer testament of the post-modern day saints. I want to see the stories that didn't make it in. Bob doesn't get swallowed by a giant fish, but he did get bitten by a shark. Or something like that.


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