Thursday, September 12, 2013


Okay here's the thing. I knew I was having oral surgery today, I knew that there were going to be stitches in my mouth. I knew it was going to hurt and that I was probably going to want to subsist on a diet of smoothies, rice and soft foods for a day or two. Still I went last night and bought a big can of cashews. And now they're sitting on my desk mocking me. On the plus side I did learn today that putting prescription painkillers in a child-proof bottle is like a little test. If you're not conscious enough to open the bottle on your own the painkillers are sill working. Of course when you are lucid enough to push and twist at the same time, they've worn off and it still takes 20 min. for the next dose to kick in while you sit pondering whether or not cashews and open mouth wounds are a good combination, but still...


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