Thursday, August 15, 2013


I'm a bit conflicted. The kid has a "life skills" class in school. And on the one hand, I'm sure he'll be learning useful things like how to balance a checkbook (even though nobody writes checks anymore) or how to manage a budget or time management or whatever. On the other hand I don't really think his school is going the be teaching him the real, important life skills that would be genuinely useful; how to psychologically manipulate coworkers into doing what you want them to, how to pick or otherwise bypass locks, how to properly use a butterfly knife to open your mail, how to think critically about the vast majority of stupid that you'll have to listen to for hours and hours on end to the point that you wish you were deaf instead of blind because I gauran-damn-tee you that none of these idiots knows sign language. Oh, yeah, sign language, they should teach that. Or even just the stuff that'll apply to his generation like learning how to pirate your own shit on the Internet so you don't have to ask someone else, who maybe has better things to do, how to use bittorrent.


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