Thursday, March 28, 2013

TV channels

I don't watch much TV, but flipping channels now I do find it odd. Like I'm in the anti-demographic. I'm 15 years too old for anything on CW and 15 years too young for anything on CBS. I'm not gay enough for Bravo, but a little too gay for AMC. Too much of a critical thinker for anything on Fox News and with too learned a vocabulary for anything on CNN. Too fat for E!, too skinny for the Food Network. Too white for BET, too Asian for NBC. At this point with 30 Rock off the air, I think all I'm left with is the last season of Louie on TiVo and Shark Week. Anybody got a good TV show recommendation that doesn't involve a reality show, some musical competition I don't care about or a sitcom wife that's way too hot for the schlub husband who's screw up or stupid comment rolls along to a 24-minute plot that could have been taken care of in a 5 minute SNL sketch?

While we're at it, can someone explain the Kardashian's to me? I'm confused.


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