Thursday, May 28, 2009

thought of the day 2009 06 01 - fish don't have asses

I've come to realize that land animals are generally lazy. We've developed over milleniua to become this way. If it were possible for me to sleep 12 hrs a day and still be able to afford a bed, I would probably do that. The way I figure it. And I have evoutionary proof that we're lazy. I had a giant ass. It is specifically designed by evolution or by some creator god if that's your thing, to give me a decent cushion upon which the remainder of my body may relax and kill time. Similarly with other animals. Dogs for example, hell we teach them to sit. And granted, that took some effort on our part but there was a reason for it. If we can train a dog, it can hunt for us. start with something simple like 'sit' and eventualy we get to the point where it's 'go get the paper' 'go get that dck i just shot' or 'hump Anna's leg'. One less thing we have to do. See laziness, always the laziness.

But marine creates aren't lazy and hence, no asses. Sharks don't sleep, they're constantly on the move, hunting, prowling the depths for a fish or a crab or a tourist's leg. Marine creates are inherently not lazy and this is why, at least it is my belief why, fish have no asses.

oh you have a humpback whale, but first off, that's a whale, and even then, no giant ass. When was the last time you saw a dolphin chilling out in a recliner?


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