Saturday, May 23, 2009

thought of the day 2009 05 31 - drugs

So I'm talking with a friend of mine about drug dependency. Things like anti-depressents. And she's opposed to, or afraid of having to be on some kind of medications long term. And I have to admit I have the same concern but I'm more concerned by the fact that any kinds of meds that I have to take now are 1) expensive 2) have crazy side effects and 3) are way less fun that the illicit kind.

First off, I knew the side effects of the drugs I tried. Munchies does not seem like an overly bad side effect to me.

Second, does it seem odd to anyone else that basically your doctor has turned into your dealer only it's harder to schedule and appointment with your doctor. Hell I can call up Dave and go, "dude?" and he can meet me in like 15 minutes, I don't give a shit where I am. It's crazy. When I schedule a docotr's appointment, I have to schedule like two months in advance and if I have to cancel I have to give 24 hours notice or they fucking charge me for the visit. What kind of bullshit is that?

Third, my copay is ridiculous. Hell the last time I went to fill a perscription it was $65 because my dosage was so low that the amount were giving me was a two month supply so it was outside the bounds of my insurance. Wait, so I need less of the drug and it lasts longer so you're going ot charge me....more??? What fucking bullshit is that?!?!?!?!

Hell $65 I can score enough weed for what I call a nice weekend. Granted, it's not a two month supply but I don't have to remember to bring my fucking insurance card either.


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