Sunday, January 15, 2017


There’s something pretentious about all these doctors just going around without borders. Sometimes borders are good. The reunification of Germany would have been way less emotional without the Berlin wall to take down. You would leave the Hasselhoff to just dance on a sidewalk? No! I say.

And if it’s a matter of prestige, I’m sure we could find something equally as impressive for doctors not to have that they can put on their CV. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a group of doctors without mountains of student debt? Maybe there’s a compromise to be had here. What if it was doctors without boundaries? They could get a little handsy in the exam room, they could initiate awkward conversations about hot relatives they kind of want to bang or that time you tried anal but it ended in disaster. And they can still go around saving people. There’s nothing to prevent that, they just don’t need to be so preachy about it, being all “ooh, we’re doctors, we're better than you, we don’t believe in your borders.”


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