Sunday, October 18, 2015

Catch of The Day

Why is the catch of the day always some kind of fish? Even if you’re just talking seafood, like at some point you would have just accidentally caught a turtle or a dolphin or something. And wouldn’t you be way more impressed if one day you walked in there and the catch of the day was Roadrunner? I grant you, that’s a very niche market, but wouldn’t you be impressed? The term catch of the day doesn’t make sense anyway, a lot of fish are farmed and pretty much anything you eat has to be caught, though not necessarily by me. If it was me doing the catching we’d be eating a lot of slow, dumb animals. Tortoises, politicians, fish that happen to be on land. Stuff like that. The idea of eating what you can catch does explain one thing to me though – vegetarians. 


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