Thursday, May 22, 2014


Given current stress and deadlines I’ve been thinking about dying, just to, you know, take a break. But it made me start writing out a whole “in case I get hit by a bus” (which is not necessarily a low probability prospect) list. Like what banks to contact, where my will is, where I keep the millions in gold bullion, stuff like that.
Part of it is making me realize how much there is to follow up on, not surprisingly a lot of stuff online. BTW when I die, please tell Facebook to shut my shit down, don’t let people post “in memoriam” crap about me. Unless it’s something spectacular like I go crazy and suicide bomb a Klan rally or something, then, you know, have at it, ‘cause that shit would be funny.
But I digress, so I’m going through all the different checklist items and there’s a lot. I kind of feel sorry for whoever has to deal with that crap when I’m gone. Who will check my email and let GoDaddy know they don’t need to renew the domain name anymore? Or who will call AT&T for me to cancel my cell phone and then tell them, sorry about the contract ending early but feel free to bill the dead guy for the early termination fee? There’s a lot to go through then trying plan out for who picks up your crap after you.

Then I just get frightened by what kind of vintage porn I’ll uncover when my dad goes. 


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